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I leave for South Korea in 6 days… While this is a very exciting journey that I am about to take I have come to realize it is going to be hard to say good-bye. I am especially having a hard time with the thought of leaving my sometimes pain in the ass but always loving dog Ace behind. I have had Ace for almost 13 years now. He has been with me through surgeries, break-ups, city-wide moves, state-wide moves, and now a world-wide move. One thing has remained a constant though…his unconditional love for me!

I could not have asked for a better companion. It did not matter how I was feeling or how crappy of a day I had-Ace would always make it better. I do not regret the nights of sleeping in an uncomfortable position around Ace because he decided he needed to be in the center of my bed (even though I would not be worth two cents the next morning.) I don’t regret the piles of poop I have had to clean up because for whatever reason Ace would not poop outside…instead he would wait until we were back inside the house.

I am remembering all of the times Ace showed his unconditional love for me: when he would guard the outside of my bedroom door if I was sick or after I had my tonsils taken out; or like the way he wags his tail when I come through the door; when he would crawl and sit in my lap when I was upset; the way he chases his tail after he hears me laugh; and even now when he props up on his hind legs every night to let me know he is ready to be picked up and put on the bed because arthritis has taken a toll on his knees.

With all of the being said I have cried over leaving this little dog for the last couple of days. I had thought about taking him with me but I decided against it. He would be cooped up in a teeny tiny apartment and that is not fair to him. My mom and stepdad have agreed to take care of Ace while I am gone. I know that I am leaving him in excellent hands but it still is not easy. So, I wanted to dedicate this post to him.
Ace-e-poo: mommy loves you very much!!


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It's Official!

Well, it's official ladies and gentlemen. I am moving to Anyang City, South Korea around the middle of August to teach English. I have actually entertained the idea for about a year and a half now but for whatever reason I never followed through. I started this process back in May by gathering the documentation needed for a South Korean work visa (FBI background check, apostilled copy of my college degree, transcripts, etc)

I had an interview a few weeks ago (just an fyi: this interview took place over the phone at 10:30pm because Korea is 13 hours ahead of the east coast). When I woke up the following morning I had an email from my recruiter letting me know the owner of the school (the lady I interviewed with) wanted to hire me. I will teaching English to kindergarten-middle school age kids at a private academy in Anyang City. Private schools in Korea are called 'hagwons'. Education in Korea is very different from here in the States. Students go to public schools and then are enrolled in private schools classes in the afternoon. I am not aware of my schedule yet but I do know that I will work Monday-Friday. The school is providing my airfare and a small studio apartment. I will be responsible for monthy utilities (such as water, gas, electricity, internet, etc)

I am very excited about this journey I am about to begin. I promise to be open and honest about my expereinces as an ESL teacher in South Korea. I hope that you will follow along with me...

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